​​​​​​​Jessie Lee Montague  E-RYT

Yoga, Beauty, and Rock-n-Roll in the real world

The Anatomy of Breath

Breath is the cornerstore of Yoga.

Awareness of breath and working with specific breathing patterns is the defining factor in Yoga Asana and differentiates it from other modalities in the movement world. Even as an experienced student, and a beginning yoga teacher I knew so little about it...this is very common and well-- just a crying shame!​ I want to change that for other teachers and students.

I offer an informational and experiential intensive on the breath through the lens of anatomy.  I cover the basic anatomy  of the respiratory diaphragm and accessory breathing muscles, the fundamentals of the mechanics and physics of how we breathe, the roots of Prana and Apana, perspectives and practices of Pranayama, and how alignment is directly informed by our breath.

This workshop was created as a pathway into how we can better understand how breath supports us not only in our practice but in every moment of our lives. 

This information is vital to understanding WHY YOGA WORKS!

I offer this as an adjunct workshop in a 200 or 500 hour Teacher Training, or as a stand alone workshop in your studio!

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