​​​​​​​Jessie Lee Montague  E-RYT

Yoga, Beauty, and Rock-n-Roll in the real world

"When I signed up for a private yoga session with Jessie, It was after a long lapse in my yoga practice. I wanted to be able to go to classes again but I was intimidated and wondered if I'd be able to keep up with a group. Jessie tuned in immediately to what I needed and with perceptivness and patience she guided me through a perfect session

that gave me confidence to return to a regular practice. She even developed a short personalized yoga sequence for me to do at home--easy enough to remember and commit to doing daily, and challenging enough that after several weeks I felt real improvements in my strength and balance. With her amazing experience, empathy, humor and open generous spirit, Jessie isn't just the best yoga teacher I've worked with, she's one of my best teacher's of anything, ever." -Anne G.


"Jessie provided our staff (9 people) with a very engaging and informative in-service training on yoga practices that can alleviate the negative effects of working at a desk all day.  She connected with the group quickly and provided a warm and open atmosphere for the session in which everyone felt comfortable to ask questions and talk through their specific challenges.  Jessie's instructions were clear and easy to follow, as well as being rooted in her extensive knowledge of physiology and yoga - so we didn't just learn how to move, we learned why it makes sense to move that way.  Our session with Jessie was tailored to our specific requests and we felt that she had really heard our concerns and incorporated them into her planning.  Best of all, she actually made it fun!" 

-Jen D.-The Dyson Institute, Millbrook NY


What people are saying...

“Jessie has an incredibly scientific mind and approach to teaching yoga. Her intelligent and thoughtful sequences are complimented by her light hearted sense of humor and warmth.   She encourages her students to experience the pose as their body sees fit, not as some imposed ideal"  -Fran C. 


"Jessie's Anatomy of Breath workshop was exactly what our trainees needed -- an accessible, but information packed, few hours dedicated to the structures that help us breathe. Jessie's expertise and extensive preparation came through in her presentation, which was just as fun as it was precise and detailed. She moved us through experiential practices so that we could each renew our relationship with breath and feel it in a tactile sense. She used a variety of media to make the information dynamic and digestible, covering an impressive amount of material in a short span of time. She managed to do it all with a signature ease and playfulness that is uniquely Jessie. In addition to developing an awareness of the anatomical workings of breath, our students walked away with a clearer understanding of just how central breath is to the yoga practice. Jessie has helped us to build the foundation our trainees will draw from when they direct breath in their own yoga classrooms. So valuable. Thank you, Jessie!" -Jacqui and Leigha, Owners, The Yoga House