Serenity Now!

Life is a creative adventure... I began mine in theater and music, which brought me to

the shores of New York City where I did pretty much everything for a living BESIDES

theater and music. Life was full of a few ups and lots and lots of on the advice

of a roomate I took a yoga class. At first I thought I was attending a cult worship group with large pictures of swamis on the walls and teachers dressed all in white--but damn if I didn't feel better when I walked out of that class. ​I continued to go to yoga whenever possible.​ Sometimes the choice was: eat or take class-- usually I ate, and damn if that didn't make me feel better too! 

Eventually I signed a record deal and my now defunct band Jake made an album at the now defunct Bearsville Studios in Woodstock NY.

It was in this little big town that I  met a wonderful teacher who mentored me and encouraged me to go to India to study and complete my first Teacher Training. In India I lived on an a tent. I got up at 5 a.m. every day, I studied 10 hours a day, I cleaned the long-drops (that's Indian for toilets)--I thought I was going to die. I didn't.



Yoga, Beauty, and Rock-n-Roll in the real world

​​​​​​​Jessie Lee Montague  E-RYT

Fast forward 4 years: After teaching in various studios in The Hudson Valley,  I formed a partnership with another teacher and opened a studio in Rhinebeck NY. It was an incredible adventure and I did some of the work I am most proud of to date, But alas all things come to an end...​​

​​Fast forward again 6 years:​ Shortly after the birth of my second child, yes I actually have TWO children--I discovered Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Mathews of the Breathing Project in NYC.​ My mind was officially blown. It's here where my interest in Anatomy and Kinesthesiology was firmly rooted and began to blossom. I made it m​​y mission to learn as much as possible about the body and breath as it relates to yoga and why this practice saves me every day. In addition to being a teacher, a mom and a musician--I am also a stylist, but that's a story for another day. Most importantly though and above all else it's not only yoga, but humor and laughter that keep me from committing unspeakable atrocities on a regular basis.